Voicemail is included in your felix subscription. Here's how to manage it:

Dial codeAction
121Set up your voicemail for the first time*
121Check your voicemail (or dial 0414 121 121 to check your voicemail on another phone)
1210Deactivate voicemail and turn on call catcher (call catcher gives your callers the option to text you their contact number in the event you can't answer their call. To turn it off, see How do I manage call diversions?)
1211Re-activate voicemail (this will divert calls to voicemail when your phone is engaged, you reject a call, your phone is switched off or out of range or your phone isn’t answered in your set call time – which is 30 seconds by default)
1212Divert all calls to voicemail (your phone won’t ring. If a message is left, we’ll send you a text)
1213Cancel all call diversions
1217Set up Visual Voicemail (more info on this feature here: How do I set up Visual Voicemail? (iOS only))
1218Activate voicemail SMS alert (we’ll send you a text if a voicemail is left)

*When you set up voicemail, you’ll be asked to select a security code, record your name and choose your time zone.

Once you’ve set up your voicemail, stay on the line to personalise your greeting, change your notification method or switch your security code prompt on or off.

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