We invest in projects that either offset or avoid the same quantity of carbon that we emit by running our business and selling our products.

We have proudly invested in projects that are making a difference to both local and global emissions.

Locally, we have invested in the Aak Puul Ngantam Savanna Burning project which reduces emissions through traditional Indigenous fire management on Australia's Cape York peninsula.

Savanna fire management projects reduce emissions from large, hot fires in the late dry season by implementing planned “cool” burns early in the season. This reduces fuel loads and creates fire breaks, preventing destructive, emissions-intense wildfires later in the dry season. This project employs the knowledge of Traditional Custodians from the the Wik and Kugu communities who work to care for country through cultural burning practices.

We also want to recognise the contribution the felix business has to global carbon emissions. That’s why we have invested in a renewable energy project; Prony and Kafeate Wind Power, in New Caledonia. The wind farms consist of 116 wind turbines that use world class technology to provide New Caledonia with an estimated yearly production of 40 GWh of emissions-free, renewable electricity.

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