As a brand, we strive to do right by our customers by doing right by the planet. We became carbon neutral because we understand how the effects of climate change will lead to significant risks in the future. Businesses are a big contributor to these emissions so it’s our responsibility to take action. 

Some significant risks of climate change are;

More frequent and severe weather - Higher temperatures are worsening many types of disasters, including fires, storms, heat waves, floods, and droughts (source:

Potential wildlife extinction - As humans, we face a host of challenges, but we're certainly not the only ones catching heat. WWF scientists have estimated that most species on this planet (including plants) will have to "move" faster than 1,000 metres per year if they are to keep within the climate zone which they need for survival. Many species will not be able to redistribute themselves fast enough to keep up with the coming changes. These species, as far as we know given present knowledge, may well become extinct. (source

Health and wellbeing - Human health is linked with environmental factors such as temperature, and air and water quality. Australia’s greatest health threats from climate change are expected to come from extreme weather events (such as heatwaves), rising temperatures and the changing variability of rainfall. The increasing number of heatwaves is leading to a greater risk of injury, disease and death. Over the past 100 years, heatwaves have caused more loss of life than any other natural hazard in Australia (source:

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