With our partner, One Tree Planted, felix and its customers plant trees all over the world, depending on Mother Nature's planting seasons.

We are currently contributing to planting projects in the Southwest of Western Australia which is home to incredible national parks. Known for being a global biodiversity hotspot, this area has suffered tremendous damage from decades of over-clearing for agriculture and has been significantly burned throughout the black summer bushfires of 2019-20.

With the help of One Tree Planted, we are planning to contribute thousands of trees to this project to help restore bushfire affected areas while increasing wildlife habitat and engaging the Noongar Indigenous community who are extremely knowledgeable in the management of this land.

Harnessing the local community, the project will also provide economic opportunities for Traditional Owners and rural communities through seed collection, planting, and long-term care, overall empowering these communities to make a difference for their local environment.

Approximately 50% of the plant species found in this region are not located anywhere else on our planet and are extremely unique. As these trees establish, they will also contribute to capturing carbon from the atmosphere, helping mitigate against climate change. Plus, restoring fire damaged forests will ensure improved watershed filtration and water quality for locals.

Previously, felix and its community have also contributed to tree planting projects in the Andes, South America

More about our tree planting projects: https://felixmobile.com.au/purpose/tree-projects 

More resources: https://onetreeplanted.org/collections/where-we-plant/ 

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