Visual Voicemail is an iOS feature that allows you to manage your voicemail mailbox directly from the ‘Phone’ app on your iPhone (note you will need to set up your mailbox for the first time by dialling 121 before setting up Visual Voicemail. See more info on that here, How do I set up and manage voicemail?. Visual Voicemail allows you to access your mailbox to play and delete your messages, return calls, and personalise your greetings.

To activate Visual Voicemail, dial 1217 from your iPhone and a recorded message will confirm it has been switched on. When a message is left in your voicemail mailbox, you’ll see a notification against the ‘Phone’ app on your iPhone.

When you activate Visual Voicemail, your current personal greeting will carry over. To record a new greeting, tap ‘Greeting’ in the top left of the Visual Voicemail menu.

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