Below are the menu options available when playing a voicemail:

Press ‘0’ to return the call*

Press ‘1’ to replay the current message

Press ‘2’ to save the current message for 7 days

Press ‘3’ to delete the current message

Press ‘7’ to rewind 3 seconds

Press ‘8’ to pause the current message, then press any key to continue

Press ‘9’ for the time and date of the current message

Press ‘#’ to skip to the next message

Press ‘*’ to go to the main menu.

Note if you are using Visual Voicemail on an iOS device, these options are a little different. See How do I set up Visual Voicemail? (iOS only) for instructions on setting up Visual Voicemail.

*This option isn’t available if the caller that left the message called from a private number, a non-Australian number or a 1300/1800 number.

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