You can record new greetings by calling 121. After playing any new and saved messages in your mailbox, you’ll go through to the main menu, from there:

1. Press ‘2’ 

2. Select the greeting:

Press ‘1’ to record your personal greeting for all calls

Press ‘2’ to record your busy greeting for when you’re on another call or reject an incoming call

Press ‘3’ to record your extended absence greeting if you’re going to be unavailable for a long period. Please note, if your extended absence greeting is active, it will override any other greetings and callers won't be able to leave a message

Press ‘4’ to record your name for your standard greeting

3. Press ‘#’ to finish recording

4. Select one of the following:

Press ‘1’ to replay your greeting

Press ‘2’ to save your greeting

Press ‘3’ to re-record your greeting

Press ‘4’ to erase your recorded greeting

5. Hang up, or press ‘*’ to return to the main menu.

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