felix is stoked to offer a simple and affordable Roaming Pack that can be purchased from your app. The pack is $20 extra on top of your felix subscription and gives you the following in over 40 selected countries:

- 4GB of data with speeds up to 20Mbps

- 100 minutes of standard calls (includes both incoming calls - which can be from anywhere in the world - and outgoing calls back to Australia or to local numbers in the selected country you're roaming in)

- 100 standard texts back to Australia and to local numbers in the selected country you're roaming in.

Your pack will be valid for 365 days, so if you don’t use all the inclusions in your first trip, you’ll still have them for any trips you make within that time!

You can purchase as many as you’d like and the inclusions will stack together. The inclusions of the first pack you purchased will be used first and you can keep track of what you’ve got left from the home page of your app.

For instructions on adding the pack, check here: How do I add International Roaming?

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