Yes! Our International Roaming add-on costs $20 and is value packed with 4GB of data, 100 standard mins of calls, 100 standard texts and lasts 365 days from purchase. You can use it in 40+ selected countries and add it to your plan via the felix app. *Countries may vary. T+C apply.

How do I add International Roaming?

To add an International Roaming pack to your felix subscription, log in to your felix mobile app and tap Settings > International Roaming > More info & how to buy > Confirm & pay.

If you buy another pack at any time, your current inclusions will roll into the new pack at the new expiry.

How do I track my roaming usage?

You can track your roaming inclusions from the Home tab of your felix app. We will also send you a notification to let you know when you have used 50%, 85% and 100% of your roaming data.

Can I call 1800 numbers while roaming?

These are toll-free numbers designed only to be called from Australia. Most organisations will have an international number that you can find on their website to call instead.

Can I use voicemail overseas?

If you have a valid Roaming pack, an active felix subscription, and are in one of our 40+ selected countries, you can receive voicemails and access your voicemail inbox by dialing +61 414 121 121.

Please note, your voicemail must have been set up via 121 while in Australia. It’s not possible to set up voicemail while overseas.

Which services will work overseas if I don't have International Roaming?

Without an International Roaming pack, you won’t be able to use data without a WiFi network or receive or make any calls. You will be able to receive texts in any country that has an available mobile network for where you are (it doesn’t need to be a felix approved Roaming country), but you won’t be able to send a text message.

Of course, without a roaming pack, you can also call 112 in an emergency anywhere with a mobile network and this will route to the local emergency service – again, you will be able to do this even in a country that’s not on felix’s approved roaming list, as long as there is an available mobile network where you are.

Can I call or text overseas numbers when in Australia?

You'll need to add Unlimited International Calls & Text to your plan. For more info, take a look here.

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