It’s usually an easy fix! It’s often just that the details you provided us don’t match the details your previous provider has for your number. 

There are two key things to check before trying to submit your switch for a second time in the app (if your switch fails twice, you’ll need to chat into us to pop it through for you):

1. Were you on a pre-paid or post-paid plan with your previous provider? You’ll need to indicate this to us when submitting your switch. Within the live chat of the felix app or website, you can chat to Mr. Botsy under the “Activate my SIM” topic to check which type of plan you were likely on.

2. Is the number you provided us definitely under your name with your previous provider? Make sure the account you're switching from is in your own name. The details (like name and date of birth) that your previous provider has on file will need to match your new felix account for the switch to go through. 

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