Yes, you can pause your subscription in a few taps via the felix mobile app. Head to the app Settings > Phone and service settings > Pause my subscription > Pause my subscription.

Once paused, you can continue using your subscription as normal for 48 hours after the end of your billing cycle. Your maximum pause length is 242 days* (this starts from the end of the 48 hours) and we’ll notify you when you’re getting close.

When paused, you can continue using any international add-ons, so we recommend pausing your main felix subscription if you’re planning on going travelling for more than a month to save some dollars! You have up to 60 days to purchase International Roaming once paused.

To resume your subscription within 242 days, head to the felix mobile app and tap Resume my subscription from the Home tab.

If you use a promo code with a multi-month discount (e.g. a discount on your first three months) and pause before the promo ends, you must pay the full subscription amount to resume your subscription, and then you retain the discount for the remaining months the promo covers.

If you decide to resume your service after pausing for 60 days and are currently on the unlimited mobile data plan and paying $35/mth, you'll be required to pay the new price of $40/mth.

*For the first 60 days of being paused, you will only be able to receive incoming calls and SMS, make emergency calls (such as 000) and access the felix website to chat with our Care team. After the 60 days, your service will be restricted to emergency calls only, and access to the felix website for 182 days. After the 182 days, your service will be terminated and unable to be reactivated.

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