On our 25GB and 50GB Mobile Plan, speeds are capped at up to 150Mbps. On our Unlimited Data Plan, speeds are capped at up to 20Mbps.

For most streaming services, this is more than enough to stream video in HD. In fact, Netflix only recommends 3Mbps for HD streaming. (See: How much speed do video streaming services need for HD quality?).  However, typically 20Mbps is suitable to be able to stream music and high-definition video, make a video call, browse the internet and catch up on social media. 

If you're having troubles, check your speed in real-time for free on websites like Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test. If you’re on our Unlimited Data Plan and getting less than 20Mbps in your area, you can try toggling the resolution (i.e. moving from HD 1080 to HD 720). Usually, you can toggle between these from the bottom right hand corner of the video itself.  

We also have humans on chat Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and weekends/holidays 9am-6pm, Sydney time, if you wanted to get in touch for some troubleshooting.

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