felix Mobile offers speeds up to 20Mbps. Factors such as device capabilities, location and obstructions, network congestion, and coverage can impact the speeds you get in felix.

First thing to check is the coverage tracker, to see what your experience should be like at your location.

Secondly, you can check the Network Maintenance and Upgrade Tracker to see if there are any planned upgrades happening in your suburb that may be temporarily impacting the speeds you’re getting.

If everything looks OK at your location, you can try the following steps:

- If you have a physical SIM, turn off your phone, take it out and make sure it's clear of dust and sitting in the phone correctly, then pop it back in again & turn your phone on

- Check that your WiFi is switched off

- Check that your hotspot is switched off

- Check that your data is set to come from 4G/3G Auto or similar

- Reset your phone's network settings from the Settings app on your phone.

If all the above still doesn't seem to fix it, you can chat in with the team any day from the felix Mobile app.

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