felix is proud to offer eSIM as a no-plastic solution to your mobile phone plan! To get started, please make sure you have:

- An eSIM compatible device. Check here to see if your device is compatible. Please note, we don't currently have eSIM available for smart watches

- A Wi-Fi connection or the ability to hotspot from another mobile device (you’ll need a stable internet connection)

New to felix? Follow these quick steps:

1. Download the felix mobile app, or head to our website

2. Pick a plan and buy your subscription

3. Select eSIM when prompted

4. Let us know if you want to keep your existing number or get a new one

See also: How to activate your eSIM if you're keeping your existing number or How to activate your eSIM if you're getting a new felix number.

Already a customer and would like to swap to an eSIM? Follow these easy steps:

1. Head to the felix mobile app

2. Tap Settings > Replace or swap your SIM

3. Follow the prompts and confirm you want to make the switch to an eSIM

4. Once you’ve confirmed, the app will guide you through three quick steps to set up and activate your new eSIM.

Activation takes just a few minutes and it automatically brings your current number over.

If you run into any issues with setup, check out I've set up my eSIM but it's not working or reach out to us on live chat in the felix app for help.

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