Here are some things to check and try if you're having trouble using your International Roaming pack:

- Confirm that you're in a country on felix's approved roaming list

- Check that you have enough inclusions left in your Roaming pack to do what you're trying to do (track your inclusions from the Home tab of your felix app)

- If you're trying to make a call with your Roaming Pack, note that outgoing calls can only be made to local numbers in the approved country you're roaming in and back to Australia

- Check that International Roaming is enabled in your phone's settings 

- Try latching to a different mobile network than the one your phone has automatically connected to

- Check that you're formatting the number you're trying to call with the correct international prefix (if you're not sure, check How do I format an international number for calls or texts?)

- Try restarting your phone.


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