We’re sorry for your loss and we would like to make managing their account with us as simple as possible.

This article will guide you on how to close an account of a mobile number if the account holder has passed away. 

To notify felix about the death of the account holder, please use the Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS).

The ADNS is a secure and online national government service which enables you to digitally notify multiple organisations about the death of the account holder. 

You can submit this notification at their website (https://deathnotification.gov.au/). You may be asked to provide:

- Details of the person who has died

- Confirmation you would like to notify felix

- Your details as the notifier

- The ADNS will validate details of the deceased person against the Australian Death Check (ADC) and pass on information to our appropriate team, who will reach out to you.

You will be contacted by felix within 10 business days after you have submitted the request on next relevant steps.

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