Looking to reduce your data consumption? Here’s a couple of handy tips to reduce data usage:

- Stick to WiFi wherever possible and download content when you’re connected to WiFi instead of streaming while using your mobile data

- Force close any apps that may be running in the background

- Turn off background app refresh if you’re on an iPhone

Go to settings > general > background app refresh > off or toggle the individual apps you don’t want running in the background 

- Turn off background app refresh if you’re on an Android

Pull down the notification bar for settings > tap settings button > tap connections > data usage > from the Mobile section tap mobile data usage > choose an app from below the usage graph > tap allow background data usage to turn off.

- Take your GPS maps offline

Did you know? You can download maps before you head off somewhere so you can still find your way even when you’re not connected to WiFi or mobile data.

- Switch off autoplay on video apps such as YouTube

Need more data? Add a 10GB data pack in the app or upgrade your plan to our 50GB Mobile Plan ($30/mth) or Unlimited Mobile Data Plan ($40/mth).

Other helpful resources:

- Use Low Data Mode on your iPhone and iPad

- Reduce & manage mobile data usage - Pixel Phone Help

- Manage data usage on your Galaxy phone

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