To activate your eSIM with your current number:

1. Connect to WiFi or internet first. Please ensure you stay connected when switching over and setting up your eSIM.


2. Download the felix mobile app and log in.

3. Tap Verify Email and head to your email on your phone. Follow the prompts to verify.

4. Tap Add previous provider info > select pre-paid or post-paid, depending on what your previous plan was.
- Pre-paid > Enter the date of birth of the account > Confirm
- Post-paid > Enter the Account ID from your previous provider > Confirm

5. Tap Switch to felix > Start the switch. Within 15 minutes, we’ll send you a text message to your old SIM card with a code to authenticate. Reply to the text with the code. Your switch will automatically start if you successfully reply to our text. It usually takes a few minutes but can take up to three business hours. We’ll let you know it’s complete via email and in the felix mobile app.

6. Once the switch has gone through, please take your old SIM out of your phone if it was a physical SIM, or if you had an eSIM, turn it off in your phone’s settings.

7. Tap Set up your eSIM from the felix mobile app. This will automatically open Settings on your phone to download your eSIM. You’ll then be taken back into the felix mobile app to complete the last step.

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